Advisory Resources

Classroom Culture

7 Traits of Strong Advisories (png)

Icebreaker Interview Questions (doc) (pdf)

Team Building Activities (doc) (pdf)

Hero, Highlight, and Hope (ppt) (pdf)

Playing Card Game (pdf)

Start of the Year Survey (pdf)

Top 10 (pdf)

Lesson Resources

Final Exam Study Plan (doc) (pdf)

Financial Literacy Worksheet (sheet) (pdf)

Garmin Research on Gen Z (pdf)

Poverty in Johnson Country Presentation (pdf)

Time Management Worksheet (sheet) (pdf)

Student Handbook SM South Example (pdf)

Weekly Grade Tracker (doc) (pdf)

Website Extensions

College Career Competency Framework Interactive Graphic (web)

Community Service Opportunities in Kansas City (web)


Barak Obama Fired Up

Empathy Films Under the Surface

Malcolm Mitchell The Power of Reading 




Advisory Lessons

College Board Advisory Program 

College Board Lessons Grades 6-12

Shawnee Mission Advisory Program

Lesson Template (ppt) (pdf)

Advisory/School Feedback (ppt) (pdf)

Community Service (ppt) (pdf)

Finals Exam Study Plan (ppt) (pdf)

Financial Literacy (ppt) (pdf)

Gratitude (ppt) (pdf)

Job Skills (ppt) (pdf)

Kindness Week (ppt) (pdf)

Meditation and Mindfulness (ppt) (pdf)

Navigating College on a Budget (ppt) (pdf)

Poverty Simulation (ppt) (pdf)

Progress Report (ppt) (pdf)

Renting an Apartment (ppt) (pdf)

SMART Goals (ppt) (pdf)

Spirit Week – Deck the Door (ppt) (pdf)

Time Management (ppt) (ppt)

Advisory Graphics

Choosing the College of Your Dreams

Cognitive Skills for Future Jobs 

College Application Mistakes

College Planning Calendar

The Cost of Dropping Out

Equality vs. Equity

The FAFSA Process 

GPA and College Recruitment

Poverty Hidden Rules

Poverty in Johnson County

The Scholarship Search

Things That Require Zero Talent

Top 10 Job Skills

Trade School vs. Community College 

Tuition vs. Salary Disparity

Value of Reading

Why College Matters?

Why Go To College?

SECD Tool Kit

KSDE SECD Standards Snapshot Document

KSDE SECD Standards Complete Document

KSDE SECD Fact Sheet 1

KSDE SECD Fact Sheet 2

KSDE SECD College and Career Standards Alignment

KSDE SECD Counseling Standards Alignment

KSDE SECD and the 5Rs

KSDE Vision for Education

KSDE SECD Character Development Examples

KSDE SECD Personal Development Examples

KSDE SECD Social Development Examples

SMSD Unpacking Standards Template