World Language Websites

World Language Organizations

ACTFL World Readiness Standards (here)

KSDE World Language Standards (here)

Kansas World Language Association (here)

World Languages 21st Century Skills (here)

Instructional Resources

Annenberg Learner PD Lesson Plans Resources Videos

French Text Resources (here)

German Text Resources (here)

KSDE World Language Resources (here)

Martina Bex The Comprehensible Classroom (here)

Ohio Dept of Education World Language Resources (here)

University of Minnesota World Language Resources (here)

Spanish Authentic Text Resources (here)

ThoughtCo Language Lessons (here)

World Language Teaching Checklist (here)

Lesson Planning

KSWLA Presentation Folder (here)

Picture Talk for Compelling Comprehensible Culture (here)

OERs and Text Sets

Newsela Spanish Text Sets (here)

KU Open Language Resource Center (here)

Acesso (here)

Rincones (here)

Spanish for Native Speakers Resources


UT Resource Center

UCLA Resource Center

PTA Resources

Ohio State Education Curriculum

CAL SNS Brochure

WIDA Standards


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