Enrichment Credit

Enrichment Credit

Enrichment Credit is an opportunity to engage your community in new and exciting ways.  It is a chance for you to see your city and to develop a better appreciation for its cultural offerings and experiences.  In order to reward you for venturing into the city, you will earn extra credit for the class.

You can do two projects per semester. You can earn up to three percent extra credit for two projects. Projects are due the Monday of the last week of the semester.


*Visit an ethnic restaurant, an art house movie theater, a museum/gallery, or a live theater in the city

*Write 500 word review of your experience

*Balance the review with objective and subjective information

*Put us in the place – Develop strong verbs and imagery to paint pictures of the experience

*Evaluate the experience – Document with examples

*Include 2 photos – capture the experience and capture you at the experience

*Share the Google Doc – Format as a review with headline and byline and two embedded photos – Maybe include some kind of rating system

Professional Review Examples

Feast Magazine

Los Angeles Times

New York Times

Pitch Weekly


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